These guys will rock your socks off!”

— Susan


ALL IN was a little surprised when the Coast Observer Magazine named them as 1 of the TOP 3 Best Bands in 2015; but this prodigious group of 30 year olds and their TOP 40 covers have been generating a buzz in South MS ever since. No word sums their live show up better than the word interactive. The audience essentially becomes part of ALL IN. As 1 of their fans described, "ALL IN's stage show should have to be approved by the FDA as a stimulant!"

Prior to the band forming in 2012, they were (and still are) serving in the worship team of Mosaic Church. Fueled by a mutual love for the Rolling Stones & Bruno Mars, the high-energy audiophiles decided to play outside the walls of the church. It wasn't long before local casinos were routinely booking them. They hosted a gig at Fort Maurepas in Ocean Springs and the city stated that it was the best event they ever had there!

ALL IN is currently expanding their bank of 200+ cover songs. ALL IN encourages you to check out their sound clips and to sign up for their text message list.

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